15 Oct 2021 | Value Investing Substack NEWS

The Asian Century Stocks portfolio, Kyle Bass funded by Bannon, Sheila Blair warns of US financial crisis, Bill Clinton down with a non-covid illness

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  1. TechInAsia Conference 2020 Report [PDF]

  2. Michael Norris, Chinese Tech, Platforms, and Consumers | Compounding Curiosity Podcast [Podcast]

Asian Century Stocks
Introducing the Asian Century Stocks portfolio
Disclaimer: This article constitutes the author’s personal views only and is for entertainment purposes only. It is not to be construed as financial advice in any shape or form. Please do your own research and seek your own advice from a qualified financial advisor. From time to time, the author may hold positions in the belowmentioned stocks consistent with the views and opinions expressed in this article. I hold positions in all of the below stocks at the time of publishing this article. This is a disclosure - not recommendations to buy or sell stocks…
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Maphilindo, the fabled Malay superpower that was conjured as an amalgamation of Malaya, Philippines and Indonesia in 1963 to rule over the Nusantara archipelagos (Click the above image to read more)


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Apple A15 Die Shot and Annotation - IP Block Area Analysis
TechInsights released a die shot of the A15 and with the help of SkyJuice’s, we are analyzing it today. The total die has increased significantly in size to 107.7mm^2 from 87.76mm^2 and from 11.8B transistors to 15B transistors. The initial Apple claims were…
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  1. ASEAN and Myanmar to to discuss the exclusion of military leaders' summit tomorrow after coup d'état (use Google Translate)


  1. Argentina freezes prices on 1245 products for 90 days (Argentina)

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  1. WHO honours Henrietta Lacks, whose cells changed medicine

  2. Science turns nasty in Covid-19 origins argument on Twitter (Covid)

  3. Vicki Zhao And Her Husband Sued (Again) Over Guarantee Dispute (China)


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