6 Oct 2021 | Value Investing Substack NEWS

ASEAN Unicorns, Soros CEO Fitzpatrick, Facebook outage, AirAsia's long-awaited credit approval

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  1. ASEAN Unicorns | Credit Suisse [PDF]

  2. Investment Update – Summer 2021 | Aikya Investment Management

  3. Winning The War On Tobacco Black Market (Malaysia) [PDF]

  4. Pangolin Asia Fund up +19.53% YTD [PDF]

  5. Pangolin Aviation Recovery Fund up +15.97% YTD [PDF]

What happened to Facebook?
The TL;DR Yesterday, Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp all went down (i.e. didn’t work) for a good chunk of the day. They haven’t given any official statements about what happened, but experts seem to agree that it was related to DNS issues, specifically BGP routing…
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  1. Charlie Munger's Daily Journal swooped on Alibaba's tumbling stock last quarter, boosting its stake by 83%

  2. AirAsia Group Berhad Receives Approval from Danajamin Nasional Berhad for a Club Facility of up to RM500 million under the Danajamin Prihatin Guarantee Scheme (Malaysia)

  3. Petronas strongly objects to Sudan transitional govt's move to confiscate company's assets — report (Malaysia)

  4. Fantasia downgraded to default status by rating companies as Chinese property sector crisis worsens (China)

Fabricated Knowledge
R2: What it Means to be 1 Less Than S3
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  1. What next for the rich in a post-pandemic world?

  2. Biden says he and China's Xi agree to abide by Taiwan agreement


  1. Emotional Hong Kong leader Carrie Lam wraps up 2021 policy address, refers to tenure as ‘greatest honour’ – as it happened

News & Other:

  1. America’s rich list revealed: Jeff Bezos tops Forbes 400 list with $201bn wealth as Donald Trump drops off the list after 25 years

  2. Sheikh Mohammed announces UAE mission to Venus

  3. Mongolia to spend no less than one percent of GDP to plant one billion trees



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